Devin’s experience in room acoustics, sound insulation, and noise measurement is a natural progression of his personal interest in music and physics. Those interests are, in part, among the reasons he pursued his degree at Purdue. He graduated with a B.S. in multidisciplinary engineering with a concentration in acoustical engineering and a minor in physics. Devin joined CENSEO nearly five years ago and in that time has supported a wide variety of CENSEO’s projects. Through this experience he’s also gained a broad understanding and expertise in audio-visual design, making him a well-rounded and valuable member of any project team.

What new hobby or activity have you taken up?

I’ve always loved hiking, biking, climbing and other various outdoor activities. Recently I took it to the next level in attempting a multi-day mountaineering expedition to the peak of Mt. Baker in Washington. The experience was physically and mentally humbling and, while Mt. Baker got the better of us and caused us to turn around to base-camp just 2,000 feet from the summit, it was an unforgettable experience and one that I may consider attempting again in the near future!

Tell us about your career path and what you enjoy most about your work.I went through high school playing trombone, euphonium piano, guitar, bass and participating in any type of band or music extracurricular that I could make time for. Entering college at Purdue I was told I had quite the “radio voice” and found a passion for radio, podcasting and recording. All of this led to me studying acoustical engineering and physics. I find the most enjoyment in every project being different and presenting unique challenges.


Sound Advice in a World Full of Noise.

CENSEO AV+Acoustics

DEVIN Clausen

  • Senior Engineer

  • Certified Technology Specialist

  • BS Multidisciplinary Engineering,
    Purdue University