The CENSEO team visits the Wai Kai Wave Pool.

Our People

“Our people are at the core of our business success. Each individual contributes uniquely to the whole, adding value and creating a culture of trust, commitment, and expertise.”

Todd Beiler, CENSEO President

Founded in 2012

CENSEO AV+Acoustics was founded by Todd Beiler, acoustical consultant and audio/visual design engineer with more than 25 years of experience. CENSEO’s expertise and design precision has become a respected resource to clients on all types of projects ranging from resort, transportation, education, and healthcare to government, military, and residential.

CENSEO Office Locations

Corporate Headquarters: Kailua, Hawaii

Denver, Colorado

Seattle, Washington

Tucson, Arizona

CENSEO Professionals

CENSEO Core Values

CENSEO’s mission is to work as a team of professionals, utilizing our skills and expertise, to bring premier audio visual design and acoustical engineering services to our clients. We strive to maintain top-quality, customized service and remain a positive industry leader.

CENSEO’s philosophy is based on customized service. We work together as a team, including our client, listening and gaining a full understanding of specific project goals in order to develop the best solutions through calculated precision. We realize that no two projects are exactly alike, and the knowledge gained from each member involved is essential in providing sound consulting services.

Behind the sound meters and technical drawings is a group of real people. We care about the services we provide, the knowledge we share, and the community we serve. It’s our promise to provide the highest quality consulting services with personalized care and understanding for each concern along the way.

The formulation of CENSEO’s company vision began prior to the company’s launch and continues to be refined as we remain focused on positive future goals. We are sincerely grateful for our clients, as it is their trust in us that allows our company to succeed.

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