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Why AV Matters for Hospitality

Todd Beiler recently spoke with Bar & Restaurant News on why AV solutions matter for hospitality.  Audio and video solutions can enhance an establishment, but if it's not implemented properly it won’t matter how delicious the food is or how inventive the cocktail program—all patrons will remember are the terrible sounds, lighting, and visual, [...]

Why AV Matters for Hospitality2024-05-09T15:56:09-06:00

Photoacoustic Detection of Environmental Pollutants

Environmental pollutants detected at parts-per-quadrillion. It is just one of the uses of a new photoacoustic measurement technique that researchers have refined to measure sound generated in the hundreds of kilohertz range, a level far more sensitive than previously detectable. Published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study conducted [...]

Photoacoustic Detection of Environmental Pollutants2017-08-02T11:52:29-06:00

dB vs. dBA Using Octave Band Sound Levels

Octave band sound levels provide the sound at each frequency, but how then can dBA be calculated from the octave band sound values in dB? It’s a common question for Todd Beiler, acoustical engineer at CENSEO AV+Acoustics. The answer to the question is yes; dBA can be determined from octave band sound levels [...]

dB vs. dBA Using Octave Band Sound Levels2017-07-06T19:21:09-06:00

The Future of Sound Accessibility

Accessible design for users with disabilities gains new ground with wearable technology advancements. Speech-to-text software developed by Google Glass now allows a smartphone user to speak into the phone with the conversation being digitally converted into text and displayed on Glass for disabled users. This advancement in sound technology is just one example [...]

The Future of Sound Accessibility2017-06-30T17:55:42-06:00

Acousticians, Think TANK

Just under 300 miles west of the CENSEO AV+Acoustics Denver, CO office location, in the remote town of Rangely, exists an incredible acoustical discovery. What was once an abandon water tower on a hill in a small mining town, is now a space for profound musical creation. The refurbished TANK’s acoustical value, producing long echoes and [...]

Acousticians, Think TANK2017-06-28T20:33:53-06:00

Thinking Outside the Shoebox :: Concert Hall Acoustics

“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” -Plato It is widely recognized that early lateral reflections are significant in producing quality acoustics in a concert hall setting. The widening of the sound image to increase the perceived closeness of sound has been a technique [...]

Thinking Outside the Shoebox :: Concert Hall Acoustics2017-06-15T09:10:47-06:00

Sounds of Battery Life, Unplugged

The simple sound of life all around us might be the key to making “plugging in” a thing of the past. A new energy-harvesting prototype has been found to produce energy, through the use of noise, in amounts great enough to charge mobile phones. Yet another discovery of the ways sound engineering and acoustical [...]

Sounds of Battery Life, Unplugged2017-06-14T15:54:34-06:00
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