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Congratulations to Newly Elected INCE Directors & Officers

CENSEO’s Jeanette Hesedahl, INCE Bd. Cert., LEED AP BD+C, was recently selected in the INCE-USA membership election to serve a three-year term as a Director, effective March 1, 2018. The 2018 General Meeting and membership approval took place on January 28, 2018 in Chicago. The newly elected board members are as follows: New [...]

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CENSEO in the Emerald City

Toto, Tin Man, and a pair of ruby slippers? Not in this story… This is a tale of engineers, acousticians, and tapping machines. Now that we’ve eliminated most of our readers, let’s follow the yellow brick road to the enchanting city of Seattle, Washington. Imagine a scene, set in sepia tone. An acoustician [...]

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Photoacoustic Detection of Environmental Pollutants

Environmental pollutants detected at parts-per-quadrillion. It is just one of the uses of a new photoacoustic measurement technique that researchers have refined to measure sound generated in the hundreds of kilohertz range, a level far more sensitive than previously detectable. Published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study conducted [...]

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Teamwork, The Big Picture

With CENSEO's recent growth, our team has been focusing on the importance of working together effectively. After researching our options, we decided to make a trip over the Pali to Honolulu for a Wine & Design company outing. An evening of pupus and paint was exactly what we needed for company bonding and social [...]

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OCEAN Indicators of Musical Talent

What does your personality type say about your musical talent? Is there a link between musical sophistication and personal characteristics? A study from the University of Cambridge indicates that personality, particularly the tendency toward Openness, can be a strong indicator of musical ability. The study, of the largest to date on music and [...]

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dB vs. dBA Using Octave Band Sound Levels

Octave band sound levels provide the sound at each frequency, but how then can dBA be calculated from the octave band sound values in dB? It’s a common question for Todd Beiler, acoustical engineer at CENSEO AV+Acoustics. The answer to the question is yes; dBA can be determined from octave band sound levels [...]

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The Future of Sound Accessibility

Accessible design for users with disabilities gains new ground with wearable technology advancements. Speech-to-text software developed by Google Glass now allows a smartphone user to speak into the phone with the conversation being digitally converted into text and displayed on Glass for disabled users. This advancement in sound technology is just one example [...]

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Acousticians, Think TANK

Just under 300 miles west of the CENSEO AV+Acoustics Denver, CO office location, in the remote town of Rangely, exists an incredible acoustical discovery. What was once an abandon water tower on a hill in a small mining town, is now a space for profound musical creation. The refurbished TANK’s acoustical value, producing long echoes and [...]

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Discoveries in Listening to Atom

Photo:  On the right, an artificial atom generates sound waves consisting of ripples on the surface of a solid. The sound, known as a surface acoustic wave (SAW) is picked up on the left by a “microphone” composed of interlaced metal fingers. According to theory, the sound consists of a stream of quantum [...]

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