Todd Beiler recently spoke with Bar & Restaurant News on why AV solutions matter for hospitality.  Audio and video solutions can enhance an establishment, but if it’s not implemented properly it won’t matter how delicious the food is or how inventive the cocktail program—all patrons will remember are the terrible sounds, lighting, and visual, according to the author. Todd Beiler provided examples of solutions CENSEO’s provided for recent clients, including the inclusion of a video wall  to air footage of a surfing event happening elsewhere on the same property. With this video wall, no matter where a guest was seated, they had a front-row seat to the action that attracted people there on that day.

“It’s for that destination kind of place,” says Beiler. This could also apply to a sports bar that wants to increase the viewing size of a football game, soccer match, or tennis tournament that might normally air on a large-format television. Particularly for popular events in a region or even internationally, this positions a bar or restaurant to be top of mind for fans of that event.”