Project Description

Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS)

MCAS Terminal Operations & AFRS Complex in Kaneohe, Hawaii was awarded the 2015 Design-Build Institute of America Aviation Category Award of Merit. The The LEED Gold certified AFRS and LEED Silver certified Terminal were designed with Sound Transmission Class (STC) 55 exterior windows, reinforced concrete foundations, reinforced concrete masonry unit building walls, steel framed floor, and a composite metal roof-top deck. The spacious, multi-story structures included administrative areas, data processing areas, secure conference rooms, classrooms, a secured vault, armory, food service, a supply warehouse, federal customs, passenger manifest, and sleeping quarters.

  • Client: US Marine Corps

  • Architect: CDS International

  • Program:

    • 30,000 sq.ft. P-822 MCAS Terminal Operations Bldg.
    • 17,000 sq.ft. Aircraft Fire and Rescue Station (AFRS)
    • 32 Months Duration
    • LEED Gold AFRS Building
    • LEED Silver P-822 MCAS
    • STC 55 Windows
  • Budget: $47 million