Project Description

Moanalua High School Choral Room and Dance Studio | Honolulu, Hawaii

The Moanalua High School Choral Room and Dance Studio are part of the newly constructed Moanalua High School Performing Arts Center (PAC). These supporting facilities were designed to HI-CHPS (Hawaii – Collaborative for High Performance Schools) standards and include advanced technologies in Audio Visual design and acoustics.

The Skyfold STC retractable wall divides the space for mixed-use options. There are no tracks on the walls or floor, and STC ratings surpass the requirements for HI-CHPS standards.

  • Client: State of Hawaii, Department of Education

  • Architect: ahl.

  • Completion: 2018; Size: 4,600sf; Construction Cost: $6,684,000; Designed to meet HI-CHPS standards
    CENSEO designed an STC acoustic rated Skyfold movable partition (retractable wall), acoustic clouds, and other AV and acoustic elements to enhance the school’s performing arts, mixed-use space.

  • Site: 4,600 sf