What is your favorite hobby?
Playing the Cajon with friends. I began playing drums in high school and never lost a passion for the instrument. These days, I join in on occasional jam sessions and play with a few bands on island.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I grew up in a small, Amish/Mennonite community in Indiana. My parents and much of my family is still there, so I try to visit when I can. I have a big family, so holidays are a lot of fun, and the baking is always impressive.

What is your favorite island activity?
Besides music, I enjoy taking time to appreciate my surroundings. Beach days, hiking, and just watching the sun set from the lanai.

Do you enjoy traveling?
I visited Australia with friends in high school and knew then that I wanted to see the world. Time is a constraint these days, but I travel between Hawaii and Colorado often, and I try to schedule an international trip every few years. Next on the list: Austria, Alps wintertime.

What is a skill you would like to learn and why?
I recently bought a new acoustic guitar and have been practicing when I can. I’ve known how to play for years, but I’d like to improve my skills.

TODD Beiler

  • President

  • PE, Ince Bd. Cert.
  • MS Mechanical Engineering,
    University of Hawaii
  • BS Mechanical Engineering,
    Purdue University


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