Just under 300 miles west of the CENSEO AV+Acoustics Denver, CO office location, in the remote town of Rangely, exists an incredible acoustical discovery. What was once an abandon water tower on a hill in a small mining town, is now a space for profound musical creation. The refurbished TANK’s acoustical value, producing long echoes and beautiful resonation, draws musicians from around the world.

The TANK has received notice from several media sources including the BBC. View this video produced by the BBC for the full story:

BBC Video Link

From the TANK website, friends of the tank explain a bit more about the project:

“There is something very special in the County of Rio Blanco, Colorado. The TANK, operated by Friends of the TANK, Inc., a Colorado non-profit corporation, resides in Rangely and is an acoustical marvel: a musical instrument of unparalleled value. Friends of the TANK is preserving and developing this “musical instrument” as a Center for Sonic Arts. There is a growing appreciation of sound and acoustics in our hyper-visual world, as well as a growing interest in resonant spaces and unusual listening experiences. Over time, the TANK — with its unsurpassed resonance — will attract sonic thinkers and acousticians, as well as a new community of interested lay people and curious visitors.”

Efforts to save and restore the TANK were of great dedication. The below is a list of accomplishments from the TANK site:

  • Raised over $46,000 on Kickstarter to fund the transformation
  • Received permission to change the use of The TANK from water storage to meeting hall
  • Received our building permit and started to build!
  • Removed a large pipe on the interior and transformed it into a series of musical instruments which double as benches
  • Created a new driveway
  • Installed utility electric power
  • Installed a ventilation system per building code
  • Planned a shipping-container-based outbuilding
  • Planned a large door for musical instruments and people
  • Received US Federal 501c3 non-profit status

While the CENSEO team has yet to pay a visit to this acoustical wonder, we have most certainly added it to our Colorado bucket list. We’d love to hear about any acoustical interests or projects you have going.

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source: BBC
photo: Colorado Public Radio


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