Teamwork, The Big Picture

With CENSEO's recent growth, our team has been focusing on the importance of working together effectively. After researching our options, we decided to make a trip over the Pali to Honolulu for a Wine & Design company outing. An evening of pupus and paint was exactly what we needed for company bonding and social [...]

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OCEAN Indicators of Musical Talent

What does your personality type say about your musical talent? Is there a link between musical sophistication and personal characteristics? A study from the University of Cambridge indicates that personality, particularly the tendency toward Openness, can be a strong indicator of musical ability. The study, of the largest to date on music and [...]

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The Future of Sound Accessibility

Accessible design for users with disabilities gains new ground with wearable technology advancements. Speech-to-text software developed by Google Glass now allows a smartphone user to speak into the phone with the conversation being digitally converted into text and displayed on Glass for disabled users. This advancement in sound technology is just one example [...]

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Pouring Over a Cup of Acoustically Roasted Coffee

It’s unlikely that you’ve poured over coffee bean acoustics as you sip a latte, but for Preston S. Wilson, underwater acoustics associate professor at The University of Texas, exploring the sounds emitted by coffee beans roasting was a matter of sound engineering, great curiosity, and the eventual discovery of an increasingly sustainable solution [...]

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